Stanford Church of the Nazarene

Love the Lord by Loving Others

SNC has several ministry opportunities for you to be involved in.  Check out the links to find out more about them!

SNC has an active Sunday School program with several class offerings.  We currently have an adult Sunday School led by Robert Bowen, children's Sunday School led by Stella Williams and Loretta Edwards, and Youth Sunday School led by Neil Silverthorn.  For more information contact the church at (606) 365-1260.

Our Children's Ministry is led by Michelle Edwards.  Currently, in addition to weekend activities and VBS, the children meet at 7:00PM at the church sanctuary where they are actively working through the Nazarene Caravan Program, which is designed for children and styled after the Boy and Girl Scouts.  it is a fun and exciting time for the children and adults!  For more information contact the church at (606) 365-1260.

SNC has a very active Youth Ministry led by Neil and Rhonda Silverthorn.  The Youth Group meets every Wednesday at 6:45PM at the fellowship hall.  For more information, contact the church at (606) 365-1260.

The SNC Men's Group meets the second Monday of every other month, led by Robert Bowen.  The Men's Group plans and carries out various projects in the commumnity and the church.  Come and join with us!  For more information, contact the church at (606) 365-1260.

The Ladies Group meets regularly to schedule activities and events.  For more information contact the church at (606) 365-1260.

Stella Williams leads our Missions Department where we are engaged in both world and local missions.  One of our biggest missions projects is our food pantry, which is always in need of donations.  If you would like to help or if you are in need of assistance, please contact the church at (606) 365-1260.

Connecting with one another is vital to the life of the church.  Patty Pumphrey is the “go to gal” in this department.  Patty sends out cards for every occasion and makes sure that families are taken care of in times of need and sorry.  If you would like to help Patty and be involved in this special ministry contact the church at (606) 365-1260.

About Us!

The Stanford Church of the Nazarene (SNC) is located in rural Stanford, Kentucky, a town of about 3000 people.  At SNC you will find friendly faces and a home like atmosphere.  People always ask, "what do I wear?"  To be honest, wear whatever you are comfortable in, just wear something!  The music at SNC is a mix of traditional hymns, Southern Gospel, and a few contemporary worship songs (when we can find someone who can sing them!)  We offer Sunday School (10:00 AM) and two Worship Services on Sunday (11:00AM & 6:00PM) and a mid-week Bible study for adults, Caravan for the children, and Youth group (7:00PM).  Come by and worship with us sometime!

Lead Pastor

Buford Edwards II

Youth Leader (NYI President)

Neil Silverthorn

Assistant Youth Leader

Rhonda Silverthorn

Children's Director

Michelle Edwards

Missions President

Stella Williams

Sunday School Superintendent

David McDaniel

Church Board

Cecil Maddox

Church Treasurer

Rhonda Mason

Church Board Secretary

Rhonda Silverthorn

Church Board

Eddie Hasty

Men's Group President

Robert Bowen Sr.

Sunday School Teachers

Stella Williams

Loretta Edwards

Neil Silverthorn

Robert Bowen



Christian Silverthorn


Worship Arts

Michelle Edwards

Dale Allen

Donna Allen

Janet Hasty

Connecting With Us!

In addition to our services posted on Youtube you can tune into to Bro. Buford's Facebook live feed every Sunday morning and most Sunday evenings.


Also, if you see a service you would like to have a copy of, drop us a line at (606) 365-1260 or email us and we would be glad to make you a copy.  Just give us your name, address, which service, and whether you would like an audio or video copy and we would be happy to provide one.  Services are available free of charge, but any donations go to the AV department!

Pastor Buford is not much of a blogger but you can check out his thoughts on his blog site.

As an additional resource, we will eventually be offering free Bible study materials available via Pastor Buford's Moodle site. (This is still in the development phase).

(606) 365-1260

73 Elizabeth Avenue, Stanford Kentucky 40484